Top 5 natural weight loss tips

Top 5 natural weight loss tips
Losing weight can be a frustrating journey. Some treatments are more evasive than others and a lot of the fast-weight loss diets encourage you to rigidly stick to them or they won’t work. For example, after eating salads all week, you catch up for a girlfriend for coffee and you decide to have milk with your coffee – if milk isn’t on the list of things you can eat, it may impact whether you lose any weight at all that week.

There are just a few simple tips that can really help you to lose weight if you’ve been trying and experiencing a lot of frustration – see if these natural suggestions may help.

1. Water

Drink plenty of water, it’s a natural appetite suppressant and it helps to break down the fats so they go straight through you. If you drink juice, coffee or soft drink – replace it with a large glass of water to aid the cleansing process.

2. Rest

It sounds counter-productive but poor sleep has been linked to changing your fat cells and being the cause of making you crave junk food. Also, if you’re too tired – you’re not going to want to work out, so best get at least 8 hours sleep a night and be sure it’s restful!

3. Keep a record

If you keep a record of everything you’re eating and every time you work out, what the activity is and for how long you do it – you will also have a record that will assist you with how you can improve going forward.

4. Positive self-talk and mantras

Pay particular attention for what you’re telling yourself you can and can’t do. Remember from the wise words of Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” Think positive thoughts surrounding your weight loss and the efforts you are making. Be proud of yourself.

5. Protein power

Don’t underestimate the power of eating protein. Start your meal with a couple of mouthfuls of protein – it will help to make you feel full and assist with reducing your appetite longer term. Remember, meals which have a low glycaemic index (such as protein and salad or protein and vegetable) may also assist in managing your appetite after you’ve eaten.


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